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*** $24.95 plus



“The Spiritual Stage” by Roger Blakiston is a unique insight into the spiritual thought process of a man who has spent his life in the entertainment profession.  Although the author is a professional magician, lecturer, motivational speaker and children’s entertainer, this book is a suggested read for all those who are already entertainers, or for those who are considering entering the profession.  The book is deep and thought provoking, as well as being amusing and controversial.  Roger offers much wisdom gained during his years of experience in the business, and suggests that you apply the many universal spiritual principles to heighten your creativity both on and off stage.  He shares with you the secrets of living a happy and fulfilling life and inspires you to share your God given talents with others.

"My intention is for this book to be a positive and thought-provoking thesis on why we become entertainers and how we can best achieve our goals, dreams, and desires. Although entertainers (or those who aspire to entertain) will read this book, much of the spiritual content can be applied to any profession, as the principles are universal."
~ Roger Blakiston

"For those bitten by the bug, performing is far more than a profession. It is a calling. Roger Blakiston’s "The Spiritual Stage" is an indispensable guide for anyone who calls the stage home. While some people experience personal happiness and others professional success, it is rare to find someone who has achieved both. Roger is just such a person: an accomplished magician whose career spans two continents and a man who has found fulfillment in his personal life. His mission is to help others do the same. Through the use of anecdotes, thoughtful reflection, and unique insights, he shows us how to create and maintain confidence, positivity, and harmony on the stage and off. Whether you are an aspiring performer or a veteran, this book has much to teach you about living well and fully. Buy it, read it, commit it to memory."
~ James Munton, Author/Speaker/Magician


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