About Roger

As a comedy magician, Roger Blakiston has performed all over the world, including television shows in five countries, three summer seasons in Italy, six months touring Australia, numerous trips to the Persian Gulf (Qatar, Dubai, and Bahrain), and on fifteen different cruise ships. He has also worked extensively as an actor, master of ceremonies, presenter and voice over talent for radio and television commercials, industrials, and live performances.

Roger has a vast knowledge of the geography, history, culture, art, and languages of other nations, realizing that the smiles are universal. From palaces to prisons and bomb shelters, for royalty, and for those who have been outcast, he has traveled across the world’s oceans and walked over mine fields to perform his magic. Roger’s ancestors were famous explorers, pirates, and royalty. He was born into a family of writers and travelers with a deep sense of imagination. Roger has walked in the steps of both great leaders and prophets, and over lands which have witnessed terrible wars.

Roger was born in Northumberland, England. He was educated at British boarding schools from the age of eight. His interest in magic started when he was nine years old, and he gave his first public performance at the age of twelve. After leaving school he trained for the stage at The Birmingham School of Speech Training and Dramatic Art, and the Webber-Douglas Academy in London. After college he worked for a short time as an actor in repertory theatre before branching out into variety in his early twenties.

In London, he ran his own agency, Jolly Roger Entertainments, for several years in the late 1980's. This was London's largest children’s entertainment agency specializing in booking magicians and other entertainers. In 1992, Roger immigrated with his family to the United States. He currently resides with his wife and soul mate, Artha, in Sedona, Arizona. Roger is blessed with three wonder children, a terrific daughter -in-law, and one delightful granddaughter.

Roger has been a featured writer in Abracadabra, the world’s only magical weekly, and The Magic Circular, the magazine of The Magic Circle and the world’s most prestigious magic society. He was also a regular columnist in M.U.M., the magazine produced by the Society of American Magicians, and the Kidabra Journal, the voice of the kid show world.

The Spiritual Stage is his first book, and his hope is that it will inspire all those who read it.